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Childbirth Prep Services 

Childbirth prep is one of the best ways to reduce fear and pain in childbirth.  Classes help improve partner relationships, increase bonding with your unborn baby, and build a community of support.  

  • It's best to register for classes anytime after you complete your first trimester (13-14 weeks) and complete the classes by your  37-weeks.

  • Private classes (in your home, my home or other arranged facility) currently available. Customize the class to your needs.  

A Prepared Childbirth
Whether your birth location is at a birth center, home or hospital, this -hour class will help you and your support person learn the things you need to have a safe and satisfying birth experience.
Possible Topics covered include:
  • Pregnancy Nutrition, Development and Movement
  • Stages of Labor and Delivery
  • Emotions in Pregnancy, Labor and Early Postpartum
  • Types of Delivery - Vaginal and Cesarean
  • Medication Options
  • Unmedicated Birth and Comfort Measures to Achieve it
  • The Golden Hour 
  • Infant Feeding Choices 
  • The 4th Trimester, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Community Resources
  • Birthing again and integrating the family

Maternity Meditation Class

Payment Options

I can accept

  • Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashiers check

  • Credit card, Paypal, Zelle (a 3% fee will be applied to credit card payments)

My aim is to improve perinatal outcomes and help parents and parents-to-be have a safe and satisfying birth experience.  I do not wish for money to be an obstacle.  Please contact me to discuss options, such as payment plans, work/trade and scholarship.  

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